User Experience: importance of UX in Web Design

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I am sure that you all are enjoying my articles about website design. In my previous article, I had explained some important tips to design effective landing pages. In that I told about user experience in short. Today, I am going to explain in detail on UX (User Experience). What is UX? How we can improve UX for website?

Design isn’t just about how it looks, it’s all about how it works.

User Experience–UX is all about how End User feel s when they visit your website. There are many factors of UX which are controllable by Website Designer & Developer related to environmental or user preference. Factors of UX like: usability, accessibility, performance, design points, aesthetic points, utility, marketing and human interaction.

UX is not same as usability, but both are related to each other closely. It’s experience of visitor when they are interacting or visiting website or product. Usability is more about emotions of website and how user friendly that website. UX is very important.

User experience is key for small and start-up businesses as well, because the site is their first impression to users and its important place to explain about your product and services.

importance of UX in Web Design

  • Human Interaction: Human and website attempts to ensure that they both get on with each other and interact successfully. In order to achieve a usable Website, you need to apply what you know about human and understanding, and consult with likely users throughout the design process. You need to find a reasonable balance between what can be done within the schedule and budget, and what would be ideal for your users. That’s very important thing to manage interaction and understanding between Human and Website.


  • Usability: Usability is more about the effectiveness of a website design and how user-friendly it is. Usability is a key component of overall user experience. Usability is working on some key benefits like: increase productivity, increase sales, reduce training and support costs, development time and costs, maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction. Based on usability of we can find out weak point of website and we can implement some new ideas to make it effective for User.


  • Accessibility: Accessibility is an implementation that could give you great achievement. The reality is that accessibility is an important part of User Experience. A truly perfect User experience is a fusion of accessibility, usability, creativity and technology. The trick is to weave those things together, and to do that successfully there needs to be explain the skills and expertise. If you are thinking about great usability that means you are already thinking about implement a great accessibility too. If users are able to access everything which you want to explain in website then you are successful in implementation of accessibility.


  • Flow – Layout – Design: User experience of website is always depends on usability and accessibility of website. And usability and accessibility are depends on Flow – Layout – Design of website. These points are for web designing. When we are going to start website designing, that time we have to keep this points in our mind.

flow of website

  1.  Flow: where user will be land? What user will do on that page? From that page where we have to redirect user? These points are covered in Flow. Website flow is really important thing to keep your visitors at perfect place where you want and from that you can redirect your visitor to perfect page which you want to show them. It should be easy for visitor to understand your website flow.
  2. Layout: how we are going to display? How we can explain concepts? That all things comes under layout part of website. Layout refers to the arrangement of text, images, and other objects of web page.Layout of website should be understandable. Main concept to design website is visitor’s understanding. We have to make meaningful layout for visitors, so they can understand all things easily.
  3. Design:Your website is your online Business. More people will potentially see your website than your physical location. A well-designed site will add more credibility to your business. Keep in mind that web users are more sophisticated now, and they want to be able to trust their business to a professional company. What is better way of showing them that you have a serious business than having a clean looking and easy to navigate website?
  • Performance: Time to load structure, content and images of website. These all point are matters for measuring performance of website. You can also check your website performance on Just enter your website URL and hit enter. Google will provide you report based on website loading speed and user experience. They are also providing hoe can we fix that issues which can help to improve performance of website. Performance is most important for making nice user experience of website.

Website performance

  • Marketing: We are investing in marketing for our products and services. Mostly, we are doing email campaigns, social media marketing, Google PPC, etc. but at same time first of all we have to finalize concept and purpose of marketing. If our purpose is clear then we can design meaningful email campaigns, effective images or video for social media marketing. Using this style of marketing of website, we can increase visitor ratio of website. Based on that we can also find out our mistakes which we did and we can sort it out for next phase of website marketing
  • Measure Outcome: Last and important thing we have to do for increase User Experience of website. We have to measure outcome of all points which we implemented in work. Based on that we can change our strategy for Increase User Experience of website. Measuring is important because our future strategy is depends on outcome of our previous work. We can find out mistakes which we did, and we can try to solve that mistakes in future.

website outcome

So that’s all important point, with help of that we can improve User Experience of our website and we can increase visitor counter of website.

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