HTML5 Enhancements [Part-2]: Why HTML5 is far better than HTML4.0?

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In previous article i explained – Part-1: Why HTML5 is far better than HTML4.0? today i am going to explain more on Enhancement of HTML5. there are some other points and enhancements of HTML5 which i am going to explain in this part.

Web Workers

A web worker is an object which created using constructor and named in JavaScript file, that JavaScript run in background when web page is loading the content. Simply, Web worker is one type of JavaScript running in background, without affecting performance of webpage.

web worker in html5

JavaScript file of web worker – this file contains the script that is running in thread. That run in another global context and is different from current web page. And if there are some issues in loading other context than Web Worker gives error through script. Web workers are working independently, it’s not based on other JavaScript – so we will get nice performance of web page using Web Worker.

Application Cache

This enhancement is very helpful, HTML5 providing application cache feature – with help in a way like we can rub web-based applications offline. Developers can use this feature to specify resources that browsers are repeating on page load, Application cache store some files which are repeating in all pages and it enables to load for offline users.

application cache in html5

Application cache load those files when user going to refresh the web page during offline.

Benefits of Application cache are :

  • Speed: that are storing some repeated files in local so it takes less time to load.
  • Reduced server load: browsers only download that files which are new or updated on server.
  • Offline browsing: user can access web application or website when they are offline.


Geolocation in HTML5, Used to locate User’s current location. Geolocation API is used in HTML to get the geographical position of a website user. But without permission of end-user, we can not locate it. The position of user is not available unless the user allow it.

geolocation in html5

It’s working on based of Longitude and latitude aspects and those are available to JavaScript on the page, which send details to web server do work for location services to finding local business nearby user or showing location of user on map.

Geolocation in HTML5 desplay below information.

  • Up-to-date local information of user
  • Showing Points-of-interest near the user which user want to check
  • Turn-by-turn navigation to check place or get some places

All Media Element

The media elements, great feature of HTML5. Now with the help of media elements we can play our audio files, video files on web pages from our own server. Till now, we are playing videos with help of iframe. But now we can play that from our web server.

media elements in html5

HTML5 giving us great player with controls, we can also implement custom button as a control of that player. There are two types of media we can play on web page which listed below with details.

  • <audio>: use to define sound or music / audio content on web page
  • <embed>: use to define containers for external pages or external applications on web page
  • <source>: use to define sources for <video> and <audio> elements on web page
  • <track>: use to define tracks for <video> or <audio> elements on web page
  • <video>: use to define video / movie content on web page.

Daily Improvement in Enhancement

Nowadays, there are lots of improvement coming in HTML5 and as we all knows world growing in speed that we cannot measure. HTML5 also improves on daily bases and there are more features and advantages are improving that.

improvement in html5

Recently, there are some more points are added in HTML5 like: Material Design, Polymer.

Friends, I hope you all are enjoying article of  we can make better user experience using this things. That are working with use of JavaScript and HTML5 elements. see you soon in next article, I will explain Polymer and Material Design in next article.

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