4 simple ways to reset your worpress admin password

WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management System. There are Millions of users available who prefer wordpress as their first choice. One of the main advantage of WordPress is user can easily install WordPress locally or server and they can create their own blog, informative Websites, Review Website,Business Website, Personal Website, Photo Gallery etc etc using WordPress.

If you have your WordPress website if you ever lost or forgot your password to access your WordPress dashboard it can very frustrating. fortunately WordPress provides few options to change your WordPress password.

In this article am going to show you 4 ways to reset your WordPress Password.

Step 1: Reset password using WordPress feature “Lost Password”:

If you have a WordPress username or email you can user WordPress Lost Password Feature to reset your Password.

steps to Reset Password

4 simple ways to reset your worpress admin password

1. Go to login Page e.g. http://yourdomain.com/wp-login.php

2. Click on Lost password link

3. Enter your WordPress username or Email to reset your Password

You will receive an Email from WordPress with link to reset your WordPress Password.

Step 2: Reset Password Using FTP:

This is the another easy way to change your WordPress password if you don’t have your WordPress email address but you have WordPress username.

To change your password using FTP you have to do is

1.Login to your hosting Cpanel
4 simple ways to reset your worpress admin password
2.Click on File Manager and select your domain Folder

4 simple ways to reset your worpress admin password

3.Download Functions.php From wp-content/yourthemefolder/
4.Open the functions.php file into your text editior
5.Edit the file and add below code into functions.php file.


WordPress built in Function wp_set_password() holds two parameter first parameter is your new password and second is your userid in wp_user table.if your role is admin in your WordPress website then your user id ‘1’ (you can also check into your MySQL Database)
6.Save file and upload to server.
7.Almost done now open your WordPress Login Page e.g. http://yourdomain.com/wp-login.php
8.In Login window enter your username and Password (enter in functions.php file)
9.After you have successfully logged in remove the above code you enter in functions.php.
if you don’t remove code then on every page load it will update your password.

Step 3: Reset Password using phpMyadmin:

Every WordPress website use MySQL database so this another simple trick to reset your password if you don’t remember your WordPress username and email address.

Follow the below steps to reset password using phpMyAdmin

1.Login to your hosting cpanel


2. After successfully login click on phpmyadmin
3. select your WordPress database From left side.
If you don’t know your WordPress Database Name than open wp-config.php file from your wordpress root folder and find something like define('DB_NAME', 'YourDatabaseName');
4. Open wp_user table.
Note: if you changed prefix during WordPress installation then you would be look for that specific prefix e.g ” yourprefix_user ”


5. Click on Edit link in front of your username and email row.
6. Next to the user_pass in the text box you will see long list of numbers and characters See above image


7.Select and delete string and enter your new password in that textbox
8.In this example the new password is admin@1234


9. Once you enter your new password select MD5 from the dropdown indicated in user_pass row.
10 . in last step click go button to update your password

Now Go to WordPress login page enter your username or email address and enter your password you enter in wp_user table (e.g admin@1234 we enter in above step)

Step 4 : using emergency wordpress script:

If other methods didn’t work for you, than you can try this method to change your wordpress password
Note: To use this method you should know your WordPress username.

It is not wordpress plugin it is php script created by wordpress.org use this method with extra care.

Steps to change password using Emergency script

1. To change WordPress password using emergency script copy code from here
2. In your local machine create a new php file using your text editor
3. Paste your code in newly created php file
4. save file as emergency.php

5. Upload emergency.php file to server in your wordpress root directory.
6. open your browser and visit the script.e.g. http://yourdomain.com/emergency.php
7. Enter your WordPress username and new WordPress Password and hit update options button to change your Password.
8. once you got success message open your WordPress login page and enter your username with newly updated password.
If you successfully logged in to your wordpress website delete emergency.php file from your WordPress root folder for security reason.if you don’t remove the file from server anyone could use this script to change your password.

Test the your new password on wordpress login if it didn’t change follow again above steps or leave your query in below comments box. i would love to help you

Note: please Take backup your WordPress files and folder and database before doing any changes.