12 Tips to Design Effective Landing Page

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In my previous article, I had explained importance of the website for business & reasons to have responsive web design. Today I am going to discuss some tips which could help you to create an effective landing page.

Wasting precious time and money on ineffective PPC campaigns?

Tired of your boss complaining about how the industry average conversion rate is double?

Read this article, it’s about landing page – how it works? How landing page will help to get success in business? Here you will find a perfect way to success with a landing page.

A Landing page – working as name, a page where we are going to land our customers or visitors. Landing page is a part of marketing. The main purpose of a landing page is Lead Generation. We can generate a positive & actual lead for our products or services. People who really interested in products or services they will land on that page.

Landing page is very important factor to explain customers about our product or services via web. It just a web page where customer / visitor able to make conversion for particular product / service / offer.

Design effective landing page

Here some tips to make an Effective landing page.

  • Business Objectives: What we want to explain in landing page? Based on business objective you could finalize what you have to do with landing page. If business objectives are cleared then you can explore contents and ideas for landing pages. That could be very helpful to design landing page.
  • Know Your Audience: Understand goals of the customers / visitors who will be arriving on your landing page. What are main questions that a visitor will have? You have to predefine this questions before creating landing page. Based on that you can know your targeted audience and you can explore that things with landing page.
  • Domain name availability: This will normally have been checked and purchased by someone in IT, but it’s a good idea to verify that. Strongly branded domain names can place a heavy influence on design direction, and having to patch something at the last minute because “That Guy in IT” forgot to get the domain is going to affect your time to market.
  • DON’T repeat mistakes of the past: simple, but always we are making some mistakes in all type of tasks. For landing page, you can find out old mistakes and keep in mind that not going to repeat which you did in past.
  • Repeat positive mistakes: Likewise, always – without mistakes, there are not any task we are completed. We have to focus on that not going to repeat mistakes of past. But there are some effective and positive mistakes which helped us for success. So you have to find out that positive mistakes and implement in this new task with positive energy. It could be helpful to get success.
  • Competitive analysis: Check out what your competitors are doing. There are two purpose for doing this thing: first – if we need some inspiration it can give us some new ideas about what we have to include in landing page and second – we can find some errors or useless thing which do not want to use in our landing page.
  • Get visitor’s attention: Just imagine you are the visitor of that landing page which you are going to make. Put yourself as an end-user and think about it, what you gain from that landing page? Are you understand – what landing page wants to explain? or confused? Are you interested to give more information via Call to Action? These all imaginations matter to get visitor’s attention on landing page.
  • Define User Segmentation: you have to define user types, which kind of users will come to the landing page. If you have multiple user types then prepare landing page for each segment and each user types via different segments. This will help you to measure effective market segmentation. You can implement the tracking system to measure segmentation that would be helpful you to make a strategy for next landing page.
  • Remove the navigation: In previous point, I explained you to get user attention. This point is also related to that. You are paying to get visitors / users to explain something related to your business, so don’t place any navigation which redirect your visitors to another page. Based on navigation user will redirect to another page and attention will be lost from landing page. You can redirect them after getting information via Call to Action form.
  • Keep reading to a minimum: on web pages, we have very less time to explain about our business. if we are going to more textual contents over there then user not going to spend more time over there. So use minimum content at landing page and instead of text or contents you can use effective or meaning full images and video because user can understand easily images and video rather than text.
  • Above the fold: there is one strategy to get information from users or visitors. First of all explain about your business objectives, then show them advantages and after that explain how could we help them. So at the end of the explanation you can ask a user to fill the Call to Action form because without understanding nobody will fill-up the form and you cannot get any information or lead. Also, it should be highlighted – so users can watch that easily and we will get information from users.
  • Call to Action (CTA): If your visitors don’t know what to do, then you are fail in making of landing page. Call to Action or CTA is the primary action item for any visitor to your landing page. You can place fields like: Name, Email, Contact number and Interest. So from this form we can get actual business leads.

You can make effective landing page from this article. If you want to learn more about website development and designing or you want to what is other thing you have to keep in website for great conversation – than you can contact me directly on www.MohitRanpura.com – I would like to provide you perfect solution for your business website.